Baby has Severe Diarrhea


My BF son has had diarrhea for over a week. He had it at least 12+ times a day and it happens after each time he feeds. He has also been having it during the night which has led to a sleepless week in our house. When he has it he grunts and strains so hard to get it out. He is super clingy and grumpy but has had no fever no vomiting. He was on solids to but the doctor told us to stop and exclusively breast feed 3 days ago. I have stopped eating dairy too to see if that helps

We have been to the doctors/hospital 3 times and they did a culture that we are waiting on the results of. Doctors don't seem concerned because he's not dehydrated but it's getting worse and it's breaking my heart. I am making an appointment to have him rechecked tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I am going to have a breakdown if they brush me off again

Has anyone else had something similar and what did your baby have? What test did they do to detect it?