Is it child abduction if you're removing your kids from a toxic home?

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Long post warning. This is a question particularly for Canadian mamas, I will give a quick background first. My older brother is my rock and has been for my whole life. He's so caring and would do anything for his family. He's married and has two kids, they are 9 and 11. He recently moved from the prairies to the maritimes in hopes of getting a new start.

He's got Crohn's Disease which has been really bad over the past few years. He's 6'3 and down to 170 lb. His wife has a serious drinking problem (has struggled with it for years) and has been hateful and destructive to his boys and him since they moved out there. She's gone for hours at a time and comes come totally wasted and wakes up with no memory of it.

He rented a u-haul van and has been packing up to move him and his boys back home to be with family as he has no family and no support system out there.

My question is, what kind of trouble can he get in for doing this? What if it's in the best interest of his children? Does he have to have their mother's consent to take them out of the province even if he is removing them from a dangerous and harmful situation?