MEN! *eyeroll*


I can preface this by saying; my SO is a very grateful man for all I do! He has let me stay home since I was 5 months pregnant, and I even get to be a SAHM whenever our little one decides he's ready to come (He's due in 2 weeks!) So my "job" for now is to keep our two bedroom apartment tidy. We have only been in this new apartment for a month, and I just got a new steam cleaner! At 38 weeks pregnant, you ladies know the NEED to clean everythingggg. So today, I vacuum my floors and decide to try out my new steam cleaner.... let me tell you... the "dirty water" tank was BLACK. Honestly super disgusting and I am sooo thanful i decided to steam clean my carpets! My ever so lovely SO comes home from lunch and I excitedly show him the nastiness that was in our floors! "Look! The water is black babe! How gross!!!" He looks around and says "But.... the carpet looks exactly the same? Why are you excited? *laughs*" and (after the urge to strangle him dissipated) I said "cause our floors are CLEAN now! Doesn't that excite you?!" and he says "i mean.. it's not like my feet were turning black from the floors before so i couldn't even tell they were dirty... you're so weird for being this excited" MANNNNN. MY FLOORS ARE CLEAN NOW. THAT IS EXCITING PUNK. He is thankful that I did all that work, he just doesn't get the hype of a deep-cleaned home. Hahaha. Men.. I swear.