How do I get my baby like this..


Lmao I always see pictures of babies who fell asleep playing, or eating, or just randomly..... meanwhile... to get my baby to nap is like an hour long process of pulling a sleep hat over her eyes so she can't see anything, dealing with her screams of protest, and holding her arms down so she doesn't thrash around and keep herself awake. Until finally, she passes out (maybe.)

how do you all get your babies to just fall asleep without doing anything?? Like wtf? When mines tired she just rubs her eyes and then screams. She won't fall asleep without that huge ordeal i mentioned. I wish she'd fall asleep eating or playing or sitting somewhere. I remember once my mom told me to just get her in bed with me and give her a pacifier HA. Not that's a picture of what I have to do to get her to nap.