Pains in left ovary


Hello! I have been sexually active with my boyfriend for about two years now. We do not use birth control anymore. I was on the pill up until around 4 months ago. I had to get off of it because estrogen levels were too high and making me have bad anxiety attacks. We don't use condoms and he does not pull out, ever.

My period is now 23 days late. I have been experiencing upset stomach and constipation for about 3 weeks now. No matter how i change my diet or what I try, it still stays consistently upset. I had pms and cramps when I SHOULD have gotten my period which was at the beginning of July.

Since then I have also been experiencing very very tender breasts. But now I have been having very severe pain in my left ovary for about 5 days now. Yesterday, I could barley walk. Today I have pms so bad i'm crying over everything, very fatigued, back aches, a little less constipated and still no sign of period. Also some itchiness and discomfort when peeing.

I took two store bought pregnancy tests about a week ago, both negative. I'm starting to get worried. Reading that it could be a cyst or possibly ectopic pregnancy...can anyone help ease my mind? What's going on??