Don't know what to do.. :(

Dejana • 23y/o 🇨🇭/ 🇷🇸

Little back story first.

My fiance and me are now 7 months together but something is really off. He is sometimes treating my like a servant of his, he doesn't ask "can you please' or 'thank you'. And it feels like, as he is thinking that it's natural that I'm always here, doing everything for him, his office stuff, washing his clothes, and so on, but he never thanks me or does anything for me. I have this feeling, that he is not taking our relationship and the responsibilities that are starting with the relationship seriously.

I even talked with him about some things, but when I want to talk about money and the near future, he just reschedules to the next day..

The thing is also that I might be pregnant..

What should I do?

Thank you



I took a test about 5mins ago, it's a positive.