Let Go & Let God

Courtney • Currently pregnant with baby #2 27 years old. Reside in Tucson, AZ

Here I am, telling on myself. I have been compulsive, demanding, expecting, and obsessive about getting pregnant. While in reality, I AM POWERLESS! All these months begging and expecting and researching and symptom thinking, I am over it. I have not lost faith, I have lost faith that it will happen on MY TERMS! It's not my terms, it needs to be on Gods terms!!!! He has a plan for me and my SO, and although we don't know it, we have to sit back, let go...and let God. God works in mysterious ways some times but I know he won't lead us down a wrong road. I am powerless over getting pregnant. I have to stop obsessing. I have to LET GO of the fact that it'll happen in a blink of an eye. It'll happen when the time is right. GOD, I am turning this over to you! 🙏❤️