May never be a mom *UPDATE

My husband always said one day we would have kids the 6 years we've been together. We just got married and the day after he said to me he wants to talk about having a family and making a plan since we're married and moving to a bigger home. Here we are a month later and he tells me no kids ever, they ruin marriages and make people miserable. I don't know what his deal is but I want to start a family but i won't force him into it either. I guess I should drop it and maybe down the line he will reconsider.

*So we've lived in our new place for a week which has extra bedrooms and lots of space. My husband says to me we should try in a year for a baby if everything goes well.. I was very very excited. well a month living there he says we should try in January even sooner because he feels better now and it feels right.. omg i was over the moon and started eating better and taking vitamins and charting every symptom during my cycle so i know when to expect ovulation...... well we've lived in this home 2 months and last night he just says he wants to wait 5 more years.. I'm hurt and i quit.. sad thing is he brought it up every time I haven't pushed at all.