Stuck in a rut


And I swear if my husband asked for a divorce the first things I would wonder is 1) where will my son, dogs and I live and 2) how will I afford it. I've always had problems with connecting to people and when they move or whatever I never have issues with missing them or wanting to stay connected. I don't know if it's bc I moved schools a lot when I was a kid or what, but I don't think I learned that piece of life. But then again my dad is the same way... my husband swears I never talk to him about anything except the baby and things we need to do on our house. But he forgets the conversations about his coworkers and that I DID ask about his day and all he said was "busy".

I swear almost every time I try to talk to him or say something he turns it to politics. I told him I wish I could spend more time with our son (I work). He flipped it to it was my president's fault and in the 60s women wanted equality and wanted to work.... ok I wasn't alive in the 60s and I don't know who my president was to say I had to work... the correct answer to my statement would have been "I wish you could too." That's it. Just that... Instead it turned into this whole big thing.

We aren't intimate often. And that's my fault bc I have a low libido. Always have and it's worse since I had our son. I'm stressed and tired and always have a lot to do around the house or my side business. I honestly don't think about it.

We don't eat dinner together. The baby and I eat at 6:30-7ish and he warms his food up whenever he feels like it. I wish he would eat with us and told him when the baby eats regularly I'd like to have family dinner. He agreed, but I can't get him to actually sit down with us. He gets mad when I ask or remind him about family dinner.

I don't know what to do.