possible misscarage? dates wrong? scared


so I went to the emergency department 2 days ago as I had some bleeding, they tried to do an ultrasound but my bladder wasn't full enough to see anything and the doctor found I have a retroverted uterus which he said isn't a problem but it may be harder to find baby on an abdominal ultrasound, so they took bloods and sent me off to get another ultrasound, so yesterday I went in to have another ultrasound and again they couldn't see anything through the abdominal ultrasound so ended up doing a transvaginal scan, they found a sac but said it was definitely not measuring at 8 weeks the machine told them 5weeks 5days they told me not to worry this can obviously happen where dates get mixed up and that, but they weren't telling me much else, I still have bleeding/spotting I've had it for about 5 days now it's only light pink in colour and only on the paper after I wipe but I did have some in my pants the other day as well, I haven't got any cramps but I'm still so worried, I haven't had any symptoms of pregnancy this whole time apart from tender breast and that's on and off, extremely hungry all the time, bloating and bad back pain, I'm so scared and no body's really telling me anything, I'm worried there's no baby anymore 😧