My pregnancy so far🤰🏽🍼


In April, well let's say on April the 10th I took out my implant😱 which wasn't working right with my body, hated it, periods non stop, especially being with a partner, you just can't be on you're period for 3 weeks and off for a week😩, anyways, end of April, around 24th, I've been getting the worst cramps going, feeling bit like period cramps, thinking to myself yeah, it's my period coming it should be all fine, but ended up having a weird craving suddenly and the pain ended up feeling bit different then a period pain... 29th April, done a test... ouhhh came out negative 👎, done one two days later, still nothing... but my crampons carried on, I just felt like I was pregnant, 9th of may, had to go to the clinic, thinking maybe the implant done something to my body or they are the after symptoms when you take it out, but nope, I received a huge surprise on that day.. the pregnancy test came put positive, yayyyy🤰🏽because of the pain had an emergency scan done in the hospital the next day, blood tests etc, they didnt find anything.. nothing. Zero. Getting worried it might lead to an ectopic or miscarriage but didn't try to think much about it, none stop going back every 2days to give blood etc, a week or 2 gone by and I see a little dot on the scan, god I couldn't be any more happier when i saw it👶🏽 I know it was a dot but from that moment I knew god you're my baby growing inside me. Weeks go by, get another scan, 7weeks+2days, I saw a beautiful heartbeat, it was so tiny, it didn't even have the features yet, crazy, melted my heart when I saw the heart beating, something just so beautiful, finally can calm down and just know my pregnancy is going to go well, weeks go by, get my first proper scan and get to see my little pickle👶🏽🤗🤰🏽, wiggling around, moving its arms, being a very active baby, nothing made me more happier then seeing the scan, and seeing the little nose and head and legs, and arms, now I know what real love is❤️❤️ now just 3more weeks till I find out what im having, so so excited🎀🍼💙👶🏽