18 and pregnant


everyone around me tells me how I'm ruining my life and that I'm throwing away the best years of my life because I'm pregnant. But it's not like this was a one night stand or an accident. my s/o and I decided we wanted a baby, he has a steady job with great insurance and pay, and I have insurance for my pregnancy. I've thought out everything, but my mom tells me I'm too immature to have a kid if I don't have a job.. We moved back in with my dad after his divorce and note he treats me like his slave and gets pissy and belittles me in front of his friends when he has to do a simple task like a load of laundry. now my s/o thinks it's funny to belittle me in front of my family and friends because I can't pull myself out if bed before noon because I'm so tired. Everything seems like too much and I question why I let myself do this, until I look at those ultrasounds.. I see my world in that tiny person. It upsets me, that I get treated like an immature kid, because I made the decision to create this beautiful gift.... This perfect little angel is quickly becoming the love of my life and my rock when times get tough.