catheryn • 21shades
Im looking for advice!! My period last montg was 5 days late. And tested many of times and was neg. I usually have pretty regular periods. Ive been off bc for probably 6 months now and weve been leaving it up to fate. Now my current period is 6 days late and i dont feel it aproaching. I thought it came today but it was just clear discharge. Ive also had a thick white discharge in my underwear. Ive been very lazy, sort of emotional and my nipples look a purple color and those little bumps that on them look swollen. (Sorry for all the tmi lol) i was wondering if you guys thought i could be pregnant? Im hoping so but very nervous for that at the same time lol. I tested after 2 days missed period and it was neg and it wasnt first pee. But i havent tested since. Please comment thank you in advance!!