I need some kind words....

Bre • 26 - Married - Early MC June 2017 - Rainbow Baby May 2018🌈💙- Due again March 2020

I had an early MC at the end of June. My husband and I only knew I was pregnant for a week.

I'm still having a hard time with it. We were trying for 9 months before that. My husband won't even talk to me about it anymore. It hasn't even been 2 months!

I start work at a job I've previously worked at before and one of my co workers I'll be working with every day just announced her pregnancy. I'm happy for her, she's a good person and will be a great mom I'm sure, so it's nothing against her, just hearing anything about pregnancy sucks really bad and I know I'll be hearing a lot about it at work the next few weeks. So I'm having a hard time.

I've tried to talk to my husband about it twice and all he's said is "Sorry". Below are screen shots.... and please don't bash him. I really love him and he treats me good, he's just not there for me emotionally when I need him the most. He thinks I should be over it already.