Glucose test

I'm only 7 weeks but I'm plus size so they wanted me to take it early. I failed the 1 hour by like 10 points. Now I have to go in for the 3 hour test. Any ladies have previous pregnancy where they failed the one hour but passed the 3? I drank 10oz and online it says it's supposed to be 8oz but the lab said 10 is right. So hopefully it was the right amount. With my first I passed the one hour no problem. I'm really nervous about doing it. My husband is going to have to skip work to stay home with our son. I need to fast for 12 hours and be there at 7am and I'll be there for 4 hours. Also with my son I was allowed to get up and move but here we aren't allowed to move from our seats unless going to the bathroom. Wish me luck!