Climate change and your actions 🌏


Going off the "is climate change a hoax" topic, I noticed that almost everyone believes climate change is real, so--

Here's the poll question: Are you making any sort of lifestyle choices that reflect your belief in climate change and may aid in slowing the deterioration of our planet?

Even something small, like choosing a brand simply because it has less packaging than another brand who is selling the same product, or maybe ditching the paper plates and only using glass/ceramic plates. Or maybe it's something big, like purchasing an electric car instead of a gas-powered vehicle, or revamping your home to only use solar energy and using a composting toilet.

No matter the size of your actions- ARE you taking ANY action?

If yes, share with us. Tell us what you're doing. Give people examples of how even their tiny changes can make a big impact.

Vote below to see results!