Protest Safety Tips


With everything going on right now, I thought it'd be nice to post a safety thread, if you choose to be involved with a protest in your area.

Before the protest:

-Make informed decisions

•Know your rights!

Check the rules and regulations in your country or area so you know if their are any restrictions that might affect your participation!

-Find out the background info & be clear what type of protest it is!

•Know who's organizing it, what cause they are defending & what type of actions they plan on doing during the protest.

Plan carefully:

-Make plan of action with your friends

•Before, during, and after the protest know where you will be, where you will meet if you lose each other, make a plan B in case something goes wrong

-Check what you bring!!

•Wear comfortable clothes & shoes. Don't take anything that could put you in danger or give police a reason to detain you

-Find out about any civil society & human rights groups or networks that could help you

•Again, in case something goes wrong or help with planning


-Be subtle on social media!! Avoid making it known on facebook when you press "going" or "interested" because people are crazy & you don't want to get harassed for it or doxed.

-Encrypt your mobile

•iphone : settings : general : touch id & pass code : create passcode ; make sure it says data protection is enabled

•android: settings: security : encrypt device

At the protest:

-Stay safe when filming & monitoring abuses

•don't assume everyone wants to be filmed and put on social media, ask permission when able, this does not apply to police officers, it is your right to film/photograph

-Learn how to deal with tear gas: move upwind, breathe slowly, avoid touching affected part, carry soothing liquid

-Know your rights if arrested!

•Don't resist. Stay calm & in control. Make sure someone around you knows your name & age before detained. You have the right to remain silent, say, "I am going to remain silent & would like a lawyer"


-Get back safely & Share your story

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