Lately my husband and I have been having a lot of issues. Okay so not so lately more like our whole marriage and a but before we tied the knot. Anyways it's a mix between being a stepparent and not being able to have my own kids/ feeling unwanted. Now I have depression I know that in fact I even take medication for it I have my whole life. But my husband refuses to work on our marriage and insists that I'm just starting fights for. I reason.

There's so much to this story that I can't really explain but I don't know what to do at this point. I feel like I'm the only one wanting to try with our family and marriage. Everyone says to just leave but that scares me. I have nothing in my name. Like seriously my car, house, phone all in his name..

I have no money because I am a full time mother to his daughter. I've tried working but I always end up having to leave the job to care for my stepdaughter because babysitters and daycare cost to much. Her birth mother is no help at all she is only in her life when it profits her so.

I am so lost... I talked in my friend about it and she said some things I didn't want to hear but are true.. I've been trying so hard to make my man happy by trying for a baby that I gave up my life for a man and his daughter.. I didn't go to college like I wanted I didn't travel like I wanted and now I'm stuck.. maybe I made the wrong choice in marriage so young ...