Soo depressed.

Soo ladies yesterday I had this crazy fight with my husband on a topic. I would tell you guys the whole story so that you can understand it better.

I met my husband through his sister who was my best friend at that time & that made us (me and my husband) talk too much and bought us close. We had a common friend (whom he considers as his sister and she also respects him and take him as her bro) who used to talk to him and me too much like for the whole time we used to text each other. He was close to this so called sister more than his real one and she always sorted issues b/w us and every time we used to fight he asked her to make us talk.

As time passed & we got married he lessened talking to her as we were busy together. Maybe after a month of my marriage I went through his & that girls texts and started feeling soo angry on him, it was very disturbing for me to see him giving importance to someone else (I don't know why did I behaved in such way knowing that she is also close to me I felt like hell)

I confronted him and asked him not to talk to her and he said I'm already talking to her very less after our marriage and it's hard to fully stop talking to someone close to you. After he said this I asked him to choose between us and he definitely chose me. An year passed and he didn't talked to her but after that when I returned from a vacation with my parents I saw a chat head of her contact but as I opened it all the msgs were deleted, I asked him about this and he said yes you were busy and I needed to talk to someone. We had a huge fight after that after that he said this wouldn't be repeated.

Now almost 7 months after that yesterday I found out a RAKHI on his wrist and on asking him he told that was tied by her (there is a festival in our country in which a sister ties a sacred thread on the wrist of her brother called "Rakhi" and celebrates their bond & love)

I was totally broke 💔 I felt soo defeated and mad and he said lets not talk about this right now he'll talk to me in the morning. This boasted me and I straightaway walked into the other room and locked. He came and said that he could have lied to me but he didn't cause he's doing nothing wrong (I ignored him and slept)

I don't know why am I feeling this way for her. At one time she was like my best friend and now I'm feeling so much hatred for her but today I'm realising that I should say sorry to her for all this.

I don't know why but I feel like she's gonna steal my boy away from me😩 I love him soo very much and can't even imagine my life without him.

I'm having totally this mix of emotions right now. Please help!!