I forgave my dad! I let go of my ultimate anger!!!


Ok so my dad and I have been beefing since I was 10 years old 17 years later we still are at it. He left my mom and I when I was a child and at two different occasions he tried to weasel his way back in to my mother's heart. And yeah I am mommy's little girl and protective of her her. I mean I have literally broken her ex boyfriend's hand for hitting her when I was 15! Anyway he was the one who chose not to keep his staplers in the drawer and leave his family!!!

Now am 30 weeks preggers and I realize there is no way in hell I am bringing my baby boy into this world while I still have anger in me. That little man is also gonna have a part of my father somewhere. So yeah after years of rage, resentment, and hatred , I finally managed to apologize and forgive him too. I have never been more liberated!