Mother in law from hell. what should I do ?


Ok, so my mother in law is a pain in my ass. always has been. well, she is one of the nosiest, controlling, and manipulative people in the world in my opinion. so, Sunday while we were at church, my husband told her that he got a raise at work. her reply is "good, how much?" well my husband replied " our finances are none of your business, just know it's a good thing for my family." She got so irate. well, since then she is being short with my husband and just being a bitch because he stood up to her. he has been standing up to her. before that, when we were getting ready to go to church a few days prior, she asked him what he would be wearing so that she can complain about it and suggest an alternative. this is what she does. she's just mad because he is finally standing up to her which has never happened before. was that too harsh or was he in the right for standing up to her about our finances. I mean she has ALWAYS expected a breakdown of every single thing we do financially or how much he makes. I finally convinced him to stand up to her which he has now which I think is great. she's just treating him like shit now because he stood up to her which NONE OF HER KIDS HAVE EVER DONE ! I think she just doesn't know how to handle it is all. keep in mind, she does not help us out financially and never had in the past not does she contribute to our bills or anything. I believe she will live and be ok after a while. lol