As many of you know, I'm pregnant with a baby girl. Currently 22 weeks and this pregnancy has been rough. Contractions and bedrest hasn't been easy, but thankfully the contractions have subsided and baby girl is moving around kicking lol.

I had the second half of the fetal anatomy scan done 3 weeks ago, and the tech said they found fluid in her right kidney. They said it wasn't much to be worried about, and they want to see me back in a months time to monitor the fluid.

Well, I just found out from my doctor who just now received the scans that the tech and the specialist that did the ultrasound concluded that the kidney is multicystic. My appointment to check her kidney is this coming Tuesday, and my doctor wants to wait to see what the results bring.

But I can't help but freak out and cry! Did I do something wrong? I made a mistake and googled multicystic and I'm beyond scared as to what this means for her quality of life when she's growing up--- because google sucks!!!!

Sorry guys, just needed to vent and get that off my chest since my husband is at work and can't really talk at the moment.