God is working, while I pray, while I wait.

My husband and I have been married going on 2 years this December, but been together for 7 years. I've always known I wanted to be a mama. My husband on the other hand, hasn't been ready to take this step until about 2 months ago. He finally told me he was ready to become a daddy, and ohhhhh how I cried happy tears lol. We literally already have names picked out for our babies. Deep down I have always gotten a little jealous when someone I knew announced their pregnancy. Of course I was happy for them, but just wished it were me. My cousin just had her baby last week & she's the most precious baby girl. But I broke down and cried when we left from seeing her. I know that God is testing my faith & patience. I pray everyday for God to let me become a mama. I know I would be a good one, and my hubs will be an amazing daddy. But I know God is working on this, while I pray. Just gonna try to keep my head up, & not give up.