Serious Question

Is there anyone out there who just doesn't care about their job ? If it isn't your passion and you're there only to get a check to you really care about it ? I personally could care less about mine . It pays good but it's not enjoyable and neither are the bitchy people who I work with . I just don't really like being around people all that much . I have a college degree , however , my dream is to be a stay at home mom or maybe have my own business as a photographer or decorating homes (both I'm sure will never happen ). Before you say to find a different job or find a job doing something I love , I have been through many many jobs in different fields, including one where I traveled and had my own office with my co workers being in other offices in other cities so they were not around me . I hated all of those jobs ! Having a job is not my passion or my concern . I do believe that my calling is to be a homemaker. My husband does hate that I have to work so much but there's nothing that we can do about it because we need my income too. A career is just not something that I have ever wanted and I am miserable every single day . Does anyone else feel the same ?