I can't believe my mom!!! I am so irritated!


My mom is supposed to be flying in from Texas the day before my scheduled induction. We were just talking about the baby and she was like I can't wait to cut the cord and I said actually Jake (my husband, baby's dad) would like to cut the cord this time since it's our last baby. She starts freaking out and getting nasty towards me asking why now does he want to when he didn't want to with our two daughters. I said he just does and it's his baby so he can. Now she won't shut up about how disappointed she is and how she won't get to like it's her damn right. He is the father, he made the baby! I'm so irritated and way too pregnant to respond nicely. She is being so petty, saying that that's the one reason she wanted to be at the birth and that she has to fight with her husband to even go. Not my problem her husband is a insecure dickhead. She even went as far as saying I hope your girls don't treat you that way. wtf well first of all I'm not going to act petty I'm going to be grateful to be there when the babies born.