my husbands ex (ranting )

Ok so my hubby has an ex and they have to girls together and the girls would come to the house every other weekend and stay and then something happened that my hubby did and said that the girls cant talk to me or come to my house ok seriously i have girls the exact same ages as his and they get along so good and he does this one thing and she says cuz our problems that they cant come and that they could get influenced by that . Im like wat the hell is this chick talkin about and that thats why he did wat he did and she dont want her girls around me . Im sorry no relationship is perfect noones is and we have never fought in front of his or mine kids and im seriously like wat the hell like she wants to control him and thinks that he will chose her demands of mine ummm no im his wife and like it or not he aint gona listen to her and her demands !! Now they went to mexico for a few months and the girls still call me on facetime and tell me they miss me and they only call me when there mom is not there which is usally at night around 11 or 12 at night and she leaves them by themselves they are only 8 and 9 yrs old so we have been recording the conversations and saving twxts that the girls send me and there dad so we can build a case for visitaion court since she had said that she wont let them come to see him at our house and he would have to go to hers to see them and im sorry but that is not gona fly with me they live 1 hour away and unless he brings me he will not be alone with her n her house . She has a boyfriend but she is always telling my husband that he needs to do this and that and not to do his girls hair this way or use rubber bands excuse me im the only one who does those girls hair because his ex dont no how to do anything except a ponytail im very good at hair so the girls like when i do there hair since there mom dont do nothing with it and wat makes me more mad is these girls are so scared of there mom , example we have a trampoline and they were jumpin and one of the girls pants ripped there dad its ok he will buy another pair and she cried for hours sayin how her mom is gona hit her and ground her i cant wait for them to get back in the states so he takes her to court and rhen she cant say nothing when the judges grants my husband visitation rights and she will have to listen to a judge seriously some baby mommas or crazy and immature !!!