Does your husband nut before you during sex?

My husband comes before me during sex. I don't know what to do. We are barely intimate. We may have sex once or twice a week. Then when do have sex he nuts too fast. He'll ask me what s wrong but I don't know how say, "our sex life sucks without hurting" his feelings. Previously when I expressed how I felt he later on said, "I don't have to make him feel like shit". I simply told him I didn't enjoy our sex life and we barely have sex. When I met my husband while we were dating we talked about sex and he said he was good in bed so I believe him. I kinda felt let down because when we finally had sex it was like ok that's it...???...He does give GREAT oral sex and he is very affectionate (kisses, hugs, etc.) but I need more that's not enough for me. He says it's all about pleasing me and he wants to please me. I get confused because when it's time to have sex you nut and you seem not to care about me because you got yours in. I've tried every romantic thing you can think to keep it spicy but it didn't work. We just got married in January 2017.