So I had a doctors appointmemt Tuesday and while there I had high blood pressure, painful swelling, and was having consistent contractions. So the doctors was like, let me go ahead and check ya (39 weeks 1 day at this point) and I'm 3 cm and almost 100% effaced. He looks at me and goes...whoops! I'm like 'wtf you mean whoops?!' and he says that he can feel my water and was about to be able to tell his earlier patient he had broken someones water while checking them. Obviously anger and discomfort turn to hope. So I sit up and he looks at me and my husband and says he doesn't expect for me to make it to my due date (my next appointment) and tells my husband to bring me back to the hospital if it continues for 3 or more hours. Well, they did. So I go to the hospital still only 3 cm, but having regular contractions that are showing up on the monitor. My bp is still relatively high but not life threatening by any means. So the doctor is doing a csection so I end up waiting for 3 hours and the nurse comes in to check me once more and....still no progress. I was so upset. I still am, and everytime I have a cramp or my stomach hurts I have a little twinge of hope. I won't lie, a good friend of mine who was due 10 AFTER me, just had her baby last night and I am so jealous. Okay, I feel better. Just needed to get it off my chest.