Fighting for our nephew

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Please pray.

My husband's grandma came to me a month ago to tell me everything about the situation with my infant nephew, Jordan. She had never actually spoken with me before, even when I met her, so I found it odd that she would message me about it and not my husband.

Still, I felt is weigh heavily on my heart. God told me that she was contacting me for a reason. He told me that we needed to get involved. I brushed off those feelings. After all, it seemed she was gaining custody after all. God laid it on her heart to come to me and on mine to help, but I did not listen. I didn't understand why I cared so much for a baby that I've never met. I did not heed his command and today we have found out that Jordan will be taken away in 30 days if she can't find another place to live (she lives in a 55+ community). God let me know that Jordan needs to be with us and now He's making sure that I listen.

So what now? My husband and I better our situation. If we are to act, we need to move quickly. His grandmother is trying to get a time extension to keep Jordan. If she can do that, my husband and I have a good chance of gaining custody like she wants and keeping my brother-in-law from knowing where he is (he's a threat to the grandmother and the baby). Visitations would be outside of the home. Jordan will get a loving family. If the state takes him away before my husband and I have everything together, we will continue to work and proceed with the custody battle against the state. My brother-in-law and/or his girlfriend have a year and a half to get it together. They won't and we know that. That time gives us leniency to take Jordan in (God willing) before he is no longer legally family. I will personally throw hands with the state of Florida if it means getting custody (and hopefully adopting) my nephew.

If you know anything about DCF and the foster system, you know how urgent this is. We're working as hard and as quickly as we can, though. I will not let that not-even-three-month-old child be forced from home to home. The Lord is moving in ways I never thought possible. I pray we can adopt him after the year and a half for his parents is up.