i really need someone's advise/rant about my mom

lisette • trying to be the best partner i can be & the best mother to my son ✨

so my mother has been really controlling ever since i got pregnant, no i don't live with her but i let her into my pregnancy life alittle too much simpler bcuz i felt bad since my brother totally left her out of his gf's pregnancy. fast forward to today, i really dont want no one in the labor&delivery; room except for me & my fiancé, i don't even want to tell anyone that im giving birth the day it comes because i really dont want to be stressed out or overwhelmed with everyone. so i told my mom that i didn't want to tell her when i am being induced and she just simply tells me that im selfish & that im starting to act like my brother which really hurt me, shes very hard headed and i kinda regret even involving her in my pregnancy. she's even said that ever since i got pregnant im acting like a bitch, & it so happens she feels that way only when i try to put her in her place. my fiancé sides w me (as always) & i really dont know what to do anymore, she gets on my nerves because she thinks shes more than what she is- just a grandmother. what should i do? am i wrong?