My thoughts


first off sorry if this is the wrong place to post I didn't know where else but anyways there's a slight chance I'm pregnant and my boyfriend really wants me to be and I want to be too but my mom who I am still living with says I'm crazy for wanting to be pregnant cause I'm only 17 almost 18 and it makes me feel worthless and stupid for wanting to be cause I am young but the other part of me is happy that I might be a mommy and note "my mom is a really strict Christian mom" so she believes to save sex for marriage and stuff" please don't push no judgement on me my anxiety and depression Is already sky rocketing I just need support my mom doesn't see that when she lashes out at me for this like 4 days ago I asked to go get a pregnancy test she jumps up in my face and says "NO I'm not getting you a test for you to pee so you can feel like an adult" I ran and slammed my door shut and locked it cause that was so uncalled for!!!