I think he's physically cheated on me..

Titta • 22 years 🦂 With 2 perfect daughters 💕

So long story short. I've found a handful of shit in my boyfriends room. Like 2 pairs on panties that ARENT mine! He claims he don't know where they came from. (Meanwhile they were in a bag under his bed) Uhm he was sexting multiple women on an old phone on a bunch of apps and we talked and got over it. That's was a few months ago I found out.

Well tonight he went to pick up his brother and my daughter knocked off a few jackets off the rack and I felt something in his pocket and it's a thong. Yet again, it's not mine. I'm confronting him tonight. Do y'all think he's physically cheating? Or atleast still cheating on me ?

UPDATE: they were from a girl his brothers friends screwed around with