Husky parents, pawing?

Caitlin • Two kids and a husky.

Meet Luna. Do any of your huskies paw at you? I've never had a breed of dog that does it. We got her about a year ago (she's 2 now) and she had a ton of bad habits as she was basically neglected. Almost all of her bad habits she's past now. She's mostly an indoor dog because it's so hot here all the time but she does get plenty of time in the backyard and at the dog park where she can run and play with other dogs, she's got 2 human puppies she plays with all day (4 yrs & 1 yr), she eats basically on the same schedule ever day, and she's only kenneled when no one is home. (Which is usually only a few hours a day)

Is there a way to break the pawing? I've had mastiffs, labs, Basset hounds, German Shepards, border collies, but she's my first husky and the first time I'm experiencing pawing to this degree.

Any ideas?