serious questions, please no judging


So, I am 29 years old, and was dignosed with PCOS in 2014. It took my husband and I 2.5 years to get pregnant with my daughter. When i got pregnant, it was a very miserable pregnancy (sick ALL the time, high blood pressure, extremely crazy hormones, extreme water retain started at 20 weeks, preterm labor at 32 weeks that was put under controls but never stopped till i had her at 38 weeks 5 days) which was very different from my son who is 7. I had my daughter in December 2016. She is 8 months old now. In February 2017 (she was 2 months) i decided i wanted my tubes tied. my dr only did tube removal not tied. so i went through with it. i started to feel depressed for a good month or two after the surgery. Now 8 months later my husband expresses to me he wants another baby and honestly i do to. i do NOT have tubes at all, no left, no right noth gone. my question is how does <a href="">ivf</a> work, how much is the costs? is it possible to concieve naturally with no tubes?