Symptom overload


My husband and I have been ttc since January of this year. I have hypothyroidism but haven't been checked for any fertility issues yet since we haven't been trying for a year. Normally every month I stress during the tww however this month I haven't since we have a lot going on otherwise (new house, starting a new business). I've noticed today I've had some intense symptoms and it's hard for me to tell if it's PMS, possible pregnancy or my thyroid. My thyroid levels are as close to normal now than they have been in years. I'm extremely tired, like I had to take a nap which I don't do. I've been crying over the silliest things lately. Like my dog does something cute and I cry. (I don't cry, I didn't even cry on my wedding day). I've had mild cramping but normally do before AF. I've been breaking out like crazy too. Which I normally don't. I haven't had an appetite lately like I would when I'm supposed to start my period. I've had some pretty intense headaches too. I'm supposed to start 8/24. I don't want to test and be let down again since it's too early. Anyone have any similar symptoms?