How I met My Fiancé


I was leaving Walgreens and cutting across to get to the right turn lane so I could get on the circle. I looked and there was no one coming so I went. All of a sudden this car is just in front of me and I hit her. We pulled into the rite aid parking lot where the police officer met us. The lady I hit was a 20 something black lady, her 2 year old son and her mother. This little boy was absolutely adorable. Just running around the parking lot. Neither of us were going fast and I'm so glad no one was hurt. So the cop gets out and I immediately find him attractive. Here I am standing in lazy pants a cami top and a light jacket at 10 at night. I wasn't looking my best. Haha. Anyway we got all information exchanged and he was laughing at the little kid running around and said he hated he didn't have any toys in his car like he normally does. I kind of wanted to talk to him alone and I was getting antsy wanting the other lady to leave. But here I am asking myself what the heck I'm doing, I was trying to stay single for a year. Didn't want a relationship, but how can you not be attracted to a man in uniform with handcuffs and a gun? 😉😂 The lady leaves and I ask him a stupid question about what I need to do about the report as talk myself out of doing anything and to just go home. He got in his car and left. I got in mine and cried my eyes out because I had a bad week. He ended up coming back to the parking lot to park and do his report. When I looked up he was behind me. Embarrassed, I wiped my eyes and drove home. My little brother had friends over so I sat and talked with them about what happened. Pat gave me a hug, love Pat he's adorable. In a little brother sort of way. Went to bed. Not long after I get a text message that says "Hey is this Renae?" I said "Yes, who is this?" It was officer Hardy. He had forgotten to write down a number off my insurance card. I've asked multiple times and he really did need that number. He was also trying to be professional about it and end the conversation but for some reason I kept it going. He was really funny. I was living at my dads house at the time and it turned out that his area was actually where my dads house is, which is on the opposite side of town where I wrecked. Someone else had gotten the call to go to the wreck but he had just left mcdonalds getting dinner and said he would respond. There's a park near my house and I used to run every night. So one night I went and met him there since it was his area and job to patrol the park. We met a few times while he worked and talked. Occasionally I brought him food. He always told me I should come watch him play tennis, but would never tell me when he was going. He seemed shy to meet me outside of his job. So one day I texted and asked what he was doing and he said about to play tennis and knowing where the courts were I went and watched him. I actually really enjoyed watching him play, surprisingly. After his game it was dark, but we went for a walk around the park together. He was such a gentleman and helped me get down the steep hill back down to the park. We walked the track, he pushed me on the swings a little bit before also swinging himself and sharing stories about himself with me. We walked back up to the courts and sat on the bleachers talking. Some kids came and played ultimate frisbee. Asked him to join but he said no thanks because he didn't want to leave me by myself. Best part about that night is for once I could tell I was with someone who wasn't talking to me or hanging out with me just to have sex. It seemed like the furthest thing from his mind. When I left that night I was happy and just thinking randomly and I just knew I was going to marry him one day. One day I bought a recliner because I was planning on getting my own place and when I realized it didn't fit in my dads living room I asked him if he could hold on to it for me. Took it over on a Thursday. I made the first move if I remember correctly. We kept laughing and had THE BEST SEX EVER! I never left after that. I went to school and came over, did homework and slept there. Eventually he asked me to be his gf. And today is our anniversary. We get married Oct 1 and have a baby on the way. He makes me so happy, treats me so well. Of course we have our ups and downs. We have problems just like every real relationship. But we work through it and we come out stronger on the other side. He makes me want to be a better person and I love him with all my heart.