You girls be warned what you're buying!! (Bit of a rant?)

So my mother unknowingly bought a fake Kylie lip kit and I knew when I got it bc I had watched videos and I knew something was up. The lipstick was sticky so I threw it away. But me being cheap girl I am I was like ok so the lip liner isn't sticky I can maybe use that. But the thing wouldn't twist up bc duh it's a fake why would they bother. So I decided oh I'll cut it open and see if there's even any product inside at all! So I just got some scissors bc the plastic was soft I just cut through it. Ok so halfway through taking the product inside out and putting it in a jar to keep... i smell something. Like chemicals. Omg girl it smelled SOOO BAD it was like someone had put gasoline and bleach together and I smelled it and I was like wait,tf? So I put it up to my nose and sniff and yep it's the product making the smell. So I threw it out I was like no wayyyy am I keeping this now. 😤😤😤 So basically I learned my lesson even if it is just a cheap version doesn't mean you're getting a deal. So watch where you buy your stuff. 💸💸💸