Financially unstable boyfriend

My boyfriend is 30 and i'm 28. He told me that he's starting to question his feelings for me because he can't give me the love that i deserve. He said that he wanted to make me happy but he doesn't know if he can because he has no stable job, his finances are a mess and he still lives with his parents. He told me that he doesn't want to lose me but asked for space to think things through and told me that he will return once he can see to it that he can be whole again and give the love that i deserve. He told me that i could still reach out to him if i have problems or there are urgent matters that needs to be settled.

How can i show him that i support him without invading his space?

Did i do the right thing of giving him the space or should i just let him go?

I try to keep myself busy but sometimes i just miss him so much. It's been 2weeks since the no communication thing started and i'm still confused if i did the right thing of waiting for him.