"Life is Forplay"

I've just seen this post on facebook from a woman looking into sex in long term relationships. This quote taken from the end I felt was really true so thought I would share.

This piece of wisdom the Steven Biddulph (raising boys) told her...

"Life is Forplay"

"Remember that blokes, help us, give us some none sexual physical touch and above all consider us.

Because what you do out of the bedroom is going to impact what we do in it."

My relationships sex life has had many highs and lows but I've always felt that the more loving unsexual attention I get from my boyfriend and the more I feel loved and appreciated the more up for sex I am and the more up for really treating him I am. It just makes me feel overall sexier and happier. And who wants to have sex if youre unsatisfied in the rest of your life?