Transitioning out of the Merlin Sleepsuit


This sleep suit has been a lifesaver for us when my daughter wouldn't sleep on her own. She still loves it and gets the best sleep in it.

Problem is that she's a few days from being 5 months old and is starting to roll from back to belly-not all the time yet, but enough that I know it's going to be a regular thing pretty soon.

She's been getting herself onto her side in the sleepsuit, not all the way over yet, but I'm worried she'll get herself face down eventually, so I've been putting her in a sleep sack for the last 4 nights.

She still fusses for a long time before she falls asleep, and when she finally does fall asleep, she tosses and turns all night and is exhausted during the day! We still try to put her in the merlin for naps to help the transition. Her naps have always been hit or miss as to wether she'll sleep 20 min or 2 hours.

This morning we put her back to bed at 6 am in the sleepsuit after coming out of the sack, and she's been sleeping more soundly than she has all night for the last 4 hours now! This is longer than any nap she's ever taken,and she never sleeps until 9:30 am, so I'm worried she's really not sleeping well enough at night without the sleep suit and maybe it's too soon to transition? I don't know what to do to make this easier on her. Anyone else dealing with this?