Sexual abuse as a child

So I was sexually abused by multiple people in my childhood. No one knows... at all! Not even my mum. Well I was chatting with my mum about stuff. We talked about her old jobs. She was a child minder for most of my childhood and it was one of the boys she looks after that touched me. She doesn't know she she bought the two brothers up in convo and I freaked out inside. I changed the subject really fast in the hopes to get it out my head.

I am just wondering if anyone else has been through sexual abuse and hasn't told anyone. Is there anyway to cope with it without telling people.

Also the two boys from school who sexually abused me keep adding me on social media. Can't get away.

Just want it to all go away so I can forget about it.

Since my mum mentioning the boy I haven't been able to even change my clothes in front of my boyfriend.

Feel like it's effecting my life now where as it wasn't before because I just pretended it didn't happen. Was always told people wouldn't believe me and say I have an over reactive imagination. I just pretend it didn't happen.

But it did and I can't get away now. WHAT DO I DO!!!