Period FINALLY started.


My period finally started today, though even with an abnormal cycle it hasn't taken this long to start before. I can't be on BC of any kind due to medical history kind of in the dark and most of the physicians I have seen are uncomfortable with putting me on any thing including patches, inserts, pills etc. it's a no go lol. My cramps are not as painful as they should be - which I would usually be thankful for but for the past several weeks I haven been feeling nauseated. I am cramping now, but its more so discomfort than anything else. Yes, Ive taken pregnancy tests just as a precaution - I took them about a week after I missed the original due date and they came out negative so Ive kind of scratched that off the list. I do have a bicornuate ueterus (yay 🙄) so I'm curious if anyone else is having the same issues ? Thanks!