Stay or leave

I'm seeing this guy and when we started talking we decided to keep it mainly sexual . Although we have tried this before this time we talk daily , and are supportive to each other

Well last night he told me he is going to

a bar and I didn't hear from him the rest of the night which I'm not too bothered about. But since we didn't speak I asked him about it today my text was "How was last night ? What game was it ? Did your side win ? "

He responded with

"Last night was great.

That's the only question you'll get out of me. No need to tell you where I'm going anymore, I did it out of courtesy. Why the 21 questions? If I tell you I'm gonna go to a bar to either see a fight or watch a game, that's all you need to know."

This made me upset and I felt disrespected so I wanna know should I exit this situation ?