Sore breasts weeks b4 due AF???

My last period ended on the 31st. AF is due on the 26th or 27th. The way I've always been able to tell that I'm about to get my period is that my breasts will hurt 2-3 days before it begins.. this month, they began to become sore nearly 2 weeks before hand. I still have about 5 more days left until its time and they STILL hurt. I've never had such chest soreness this early on. We've been TTC for months now and I'm uncertain but hoping that this month is our month. I had one morning of intense nausea and throwing up. Took a test on the 19th, but I think it was too early for an accurate result to show. I'm also having cold symptoms, sudden/random cramps and I've had hardlt ant doscharge at all this month aside from when im aroused. Any opinions would be appreciated ♡