Thoughts! Am I possibly pregnant?

Bree • Married to my best friend! & TTC for our first💕

Soo I had sex once in my green week the day before the "peak" which was the 1st of this month. my last period was the 14th of July had a few symptoms here and there that could be pregnancy related but I wasn't sure if it was all in my head. So around the 13-16th of this month I had a few light cramps but back aches all night so I took a test Saturday the 19th and it was vvvvfp and took one last night at 10:30 which is Wednesday the 23rd. they seem to possibly getting darker but I'm not sure! I think it's in my head so I came on here to ask you ladies for your thoughts.

First pic was Saturday the 19th and the second pic was last night Wednesday the 23rd I am just now a week late!