I need a change !

Hi am 23 years old I weight 178 Lb and 5'0 ft tall. Not so long ago in 2015 I was 160 I notice I started to gain a lot more weight. My husband and I ttc but its been 3 years now that I'm just giving up it might be overweight this could also be my problem that I can't get pregnant. So I told my husband am giving up for now but we could try again in a year I want to focus to loose weight thats my goal. When I was 17 I was 130lb I want to loose at least 30lb I would be happy. The loosing weight start when I was trying bikini for our vacation and I saw my back. I cried and saw how ugly I was so know it's time for a change.... I have aunt she gain a lot of weight too but I have notice she had lost a lot of weight she gave her secret am trying well see what happens may fingers cross and this road goes straight to my goal

I couldn't stop crying to see how I look 😢💔

👇👇👇 this are called " Nuez de India "

(Indian nuts) my aunt help her loose 20 pounds in 3 weeks she looks great I will tell you girl my results when I get the confidence to speak up .