Do you think I can ask to be induced...?!?!

I am so over this pregnancy...In fact its making me depressed and very upset and uncomfortable..I can't take this anymore..I have my next appointment on Monday and I will be 39+2 and want to ask if I can be induced on Friday Spetember 1st..One day before my due date..Seriously I am in tears every night and I can't do this anymore..I live up on a 3rd floor apartment and still have 2 other kids to attend to..One of which will be starting Kindergarten the next week if I don't get induced that weekend and the other just turned a year old on the 10th of August...Do you think I should ask?! I need to make plans around my kids and make sure I am home in time for the Kindergarten meetings before school starts..I mean its only 1 day before my Due Date.!..Sorry for long rant!😭😭😭😲😲😲