He said he loves me


A year in the making.. a man I knew from high school came into my life on a permanent basis a little over a year ago. I was in IL, he in Denver (home). The first 6-7 months of us talking were like a fairy tale. Though long distance, this was the man I knew would be my forever. And I was pretty sure he felt the same.

March this year fear gripped him because of past heartbreaks and he kinda shut down on me. Depression, anxiety, and defeatism.. We never stopped talking. Every single day I was still there being his best friend and being understanding.

I finally moved to Denver in June as was my plan for my life as well as to be closer to him. It's been not quite 3 months since I've been back and I have not faltered and have continued to be his utmost support. I have been able to allow him to see how pure and patient my love is.

His attentiveness slowly increased over this time but there was still his fear and a ten foot pole in his hand shooing off any possible talk of the dreaded "relationship". I respected what he was going through because he has had a hard past. I knew the only thing that would put his pole down would be time and consistency without pushing him or being (sorry) a typical woman who does not know how to give space.

This weekend we hung out with his best friend. Poolside Sunday Funday. Monday night he told me he loved me.❣️

Thank you best friend for making him realize what is standing right in front of him.

Nearing 40 I am now the happiest I have ever been.