water intake

Regina • Expecting #1 Oct '16, Married '11👻✌🎀

Hi Moms, do you measure/restrict how much water (or liquids besides bm/formula) your baby drinks? Ever since we introduced water and thinned baby fennel tea with solids to our baby, she's been loving it. At first, we only gave her some with her solid meals as to not take away from breastfeeding, but she'll always finish the sippy cup. I'm not sure if I should still restrict how much she drinks besides bm. I offer her the sippy cup with meals, and the breast not long after to make sure she isn't hungry or thirsty. Sometimes she'll clearly just play with the sippy and the water coming out, but other times she'll just gulp the while thing down and would drink more if I refill it. Just wondering if other babies get thirsty like that?