Do you belive I'm religion and that there is a god or everything happens for a reason? I was raised Jewish going to a school and everything. Recently a rabbi (who later is confirmed not a rabbi just a liar) in the community has been arrested for molestimg boys and one victim is a good family friend who baby sat. He (the victim) has never done anything wrong and is in school to become a nurse. He is so patient and kind. Why would someone like a god cause this to happen. My boyfriend and aunt are catholic and I feel as though I like the idea of saints and praying to different ones for different causes, my favorite is saint jude. I also feel as though Judaism is horribly misleading especially with all the attacks and I don't feel safe to say I am Jewish especially because as I grew up I would get remarks when I wore a knee length dress saying "I looked too Jewish". How do people belive that there is a god who does want the best for them. I've suffered from depression for years all through middle school now into high school and have had suicide attempts that led to hospitalization. I don't know if I can belive that there is a god especially in my religion who wants me to be happy and live. If anyone has any advice or help or anything please comment. I'll greatly appreciate it